But First, Coffee-Unless You Are Genetically Disposed to Prefer Tea

Genetic variants that affect our sensitivity to certain bitter substances could play a part in determining our brew of choice, according to a new study smithsonian.com 'Tis the season for cozy, warm drinks-and whether you reach for a steaming mug of tea or a hot cuppa joe could be determined by your genes,

Why we shouldn't like coffee, but we do: Weirdly, people with a higher sensitivity to bitter caffeine taste drink more coffee

from research organizations Credit: © WavebreakmediaMicro / Fotolia Why do we like the bitter taste of coffee? Bitterness evolved as a natural warning system to protect the body from harmful substances. By evolutionary logic, we should want to spit it out. But, it turns out, the more sensitive people are to the bitter taste of caffeine,

5 ideas for an easy Friendsgiving

It may not always happen on Thanksgiving Day, but more and more often, Friendsgiving is happening. The concept has been in existence for about 10 years, according to Merriam-Webster. In that short time, it's evolved from an alternative celebration to a second celebration. What started as a meal where friends gathered on Thanksgiving - maybe

Fancy a coffee or a cuppa? Your preference could be down to genetics

Does your typical morning start with a steaming, hot mug of dark roasted coffee, or do you prefer the homely taste of a traditional, English cuppa? Whatever your predilection, your choice may depend on your genetics. Scientists at Northwestern Medicine and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia carried out a study to investigate the different

Surprising reason you prefer coffee or tea

There are two main types of people: Those who drink coffee and those who drink tea. Of course it is possible to like both or none at all but the majority of people have a preference of one over the other and it turns out that preference might be something you are born with. A new study

Here's why we like the bitter taste of coffee

Washington DC: You might be a coffee lover, but you can't deny that the beverage has a bitter taste to it. It turns out, the more sensitive people are to the bitter taste of caffeine, the more coffee they drink. Why do we like the taste of coffee? While logically, we should want to spit

PSA: Sonic Is Selling $1 Hot Dogs Today Only

You can forget about the very sorry-looking salad you packed for lunch today, because Sonic is offering a muuuuch better option-one dollar hot dogs! All day today, the drive-in chain is selling 6-inch Chili Cheese Coney and All-American Dogs for just a buck each.

7 great SF Bay Area things to do this weekend, Nov. 16-18

We know, the news these days is sad and the air is bad, but that doesn't mean you're not allowed to take a break from it all. Here are seven great things to do this weekend, from a new eye-popping Cirque du Soleil show and an operatic "It's a Wonderful Life" - yes! it's an

Jell-O unveils pre-made, edible Instagram slime

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. There are tons of slime recipes on the internet, even edible ones that leave out the borax powder. Now, Jell-O is getting into the slime game with

Walmart's third-quarter comparable sales top estimates, e-commerce...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Walmart Inc reported better-than-expected quarterly U.S. comparable sales on Thursday and raised its full year outlook as a strong economy boosted customer store visits and e-commerce purchases grew as it sold more groceries online. The strong performance ahead of the key U.S. holiday season sent the retailer's stock

Probiotics May Help Increase Bone Density: 10 Probiotic Foods

Probiotics and their popularity among fitness and health experts is increasing day by day. Probiotics may do wonders for your gut health, digestion and immunity. If the findings of a latest study are to be believed, treatment with good bacteria widely used in probiotic supplements can strengthen bones, especially in females. The researchers

Nut Butters Market to see Potential Growth Worldwide with EdenNuts Inc., Cache Creek Foods, Zinke Orchards

The latest release from HTF MI highlights the key market trends impacting the growth of the Global Nut Butters market. The study highlights influencing factors that are impacting or reinforcing market environment such as Government Policy, technological changes etc along with key market drivers. The research study forecast Revenue Opportunities and Sales Volume Area taken

Cranberries tap into American traditions

Modern gastronomy has been irrevocably impacted by the Columbian Exchange, the introduction of foodstuffs from the New World to the Old, and vice versa. European explorers brought cattle, pigs and chickens to these shores, while they transported tomatoes, potatoes and corn back to their own. The cranberry is another native American plant that made the eastbound

Nationwide Chick-fil-A delivery means never having to put shoes on again

Chick-fil-A, the extremely popular fast-food chain, creator of our favorite fast-food sauce, and slinger of cult-status waffle fries, now delivers nationwide. That means you, Takeout reader, could be lounging shirtless on your cat-hair-covered couch, digging into a Spicy Chicken Deluxe-with waffle fries, obviously-without ever having to put on shoes or leave your home. What a

That cranberry sauce you're eating on Thanksgiving? Here's where it probably came from

CRANMOOR TOWNSHIP, Wis. - Fifth-generation farmer Fawn Gottschalk bent over a bed of cranberry vines and showed visitors how old-timers used to harvest berries by hand, swinging a contraption whose tines led back to a wide bucket. Against a light drizzle of rain, she wore a pale red poncho that almost met the tops of knee-high

Fortnite's Food Fight makes the battle between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit a real war | Dot Esports

Fortnite's 6.30 patch notes shows very few gameplay changes that can shift the meta. We don't care too much about them. The star of this update is the new Limited Time Mode, Food Fight. This game mode is new to Fortnite: Battle Royale. Two teams will fight against each other, but instead of trying to be

'Fortnite' Patch 6.30 Adds The Food Fight LTM, Mounted Turrent, Android Fixes, And More

Fortnite (Free) patch 6.30 is finally here on all platforms and it adds a new LTM, a new weapon, various fixes for the iOS and Android version, and a lot more across the board including performance improvements for one aspect of the Switch version. The highlights include the Food Fight LTM that lets

Enjoy nutrient-rich and delicious cranberries this fall

Cranberries have a good reputation for their bacteria-blocking power that helps with stomach ulcers, prevents urinary tract infections, and promotes dental health. The antioxidants in cranberries also contribute to reducing bad cholesterol and inflammation related to chronic disease and aging. Cranberries have these health benefits because they contain proanthocyanidins (PACs), which keep harmful bacteria from

Everything you need to know about new Food Fight LTM in Fortnite Battle Royale

A brand new limited time mod has been added to Fortnite with the v6.30 update, and will feature two teams and unlimited respawns, as players fight to protect their mascot. Based on the rivalry between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit, each team will be representing one or the other, and will need

AB InBev and Keurig launch new pod-based cocktail machine in US - FoodBev Media

Keurig Dr Pepper and AB InBev have joined forces to launch the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig, an appliance which prepares cocktails, beers and ciders at the touch of a button. Available through an early access pilot programme in St. Louis, Missouri, the machine calculates the precise amount of water and carbonation needed for each

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