Lorraine Warren: All the Horror and Paranormal Movies She Inspired

The late Lorraine Warren and her husband Ed inspired a number of horror and paranormal movies throughout the many years of their supernatural investigations. For decades, the Warrens researched what seemed to be unexplainable phenomena, with some events turning out to have terrifying results. Sadly, Ed passed away in 2006, after suffering from complications of a stroke.

Paranormal Investigator Lorraine Warren, Whose Life Inspired The Conjuring Films, Has Died at 92

If you can't picture actor Haruo Nakajima's face, that's because his most famous movie role had him hidden inside a monster costume. The Japanese performer-who played cinema's most famous reptilian beast, Godzilla, in both the 1954 original film and 11 sequels- died on August 7, 2017 at the age of 88 from pneumonia, but not
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Charlize Theron reveals she is raising adopted son Jackson as a girl

Charlize Theron is not the kind of person who would follow the crowd. The actress has always been known for doing things differently, and she's applying the same logic towards raising her son Jackson, as a girl. The seven-year-old was adopted by the actress and introduced to the world as a boy, but now rumors

Ava DuVernay's When They See Us Trailer Drops

Felicity Huffman appears as normal in the brand-new trailer for Ava DuVernay's When They See Us, her upcoming Netflix miniseries on the notorious Central Park Five case. It seemed up in the air how Netflix would treat Huffman's role in the series now that she has pled guilty to one charge of conspiracy to commit

Lorraine Warren, Who Inspired The Conjuring, Dies at 92

Lorraine and Ed Warren may be the most famous paranormal investigators in American history, and their adventures into the worlds of ghosts, demons, hauntings, and spirits, have inspired some of the most popular horror movies ever, most notably The Conjuring series, and its spinoff, Annabelle. Ed Warren passed away in 2006; sadly, Lorraine

'Something Great'

Image: sarah shatz/netflix Not every Netflix movie can be great, even if you invoke greatness in the title. Someone Great, which feels like a rom-com but technically isn't, has a crackling cast and snappy dialogue, but it lacks the x-factor of the sparkling original films among which it tries to stand. Someone Great tells the

Bella Thorne 'kicked out' of ex Mod Sun's house after she showed up there unannounced post breakup

Bella Thorne and Mod Sun's split took an ugly turn when she was booted out of her ex's house after she showed up there unannounced to collect her belongings. The incident attracted a lot of attention and the cops reportedly had to get involved. According to TMZ, 21-year-old Bella went to 32-year-old Mod Sun's Woodland Hills

CUFF: Filmmaker offers explosive, career-high role to actress Elisabeth Moss in Her Smell

Depending on your knowledge of actress Elisabeth Moss, her stunning go-for-broke performance in the 1990s grunge-set drama Her Smell is either a brave against-type turn or the next logical step in an increasingly impressive career. If your exposure is limited to her work as the seemingly mild-mannered but underestimated secretary-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson navigating sexism and double-standards
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Kanchana 3 hit by piracy: 'Free downloading' of the full movie from torrents may hit the film badly

Raghava Lawrence's Kanchana 3, fourth instalment in the Muni franchise, is a horror-comedy, which has three female leads in the form of Oviyaa, Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli. The movie has garnered mixed reviews from the critics. The movie was released on Friday, 19 April, in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages. The success
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New movies and shows on Netflix this weekend: Someone Great and more

The full list of new movies and shows on Netflix this weekend, including the new rom-com Someone Great as well as the Grass is Greener. Hellooo, weekend! With the break from work/school/life, you need to relax with some quality entertainment. Thankfully, no matter what your preferred genre, Netflix has got you covered. The streaming
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Gina Rodriguez's 'main goal' for Netflix's Someone Great was diversity

Gina Rodriguez says her "main goal" for her new Netflix film 'Someone Great' was inclusivity. The 34-year-old actress served as producer on the streaming service's recent film which follows a music journalist who recruits her two best friends for one last outrageous adventure in New York City after being dumped - and revealed that
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Kanchana 3 Movie Review: New horror comedy by Raghava Lawrence is just another Muni

Raghava Lawrence in Muni 3 12 years ago, Raghava Lawrence got his breakthrough with Muni. The hero, a human version of Courage The Cowardly Dog, is possessed by a ghost, which wants to avenge the ones who murdered him and his daughter. The hero, on learning the ghost's sad past, agrees to be its host
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Chiranjeevi delights Raghava Lawrence with a heartfelt move prior to Kanchana 3 release! - in.com

When it comes to Raghava Lawrence's films, two film stars that he has always held high respect for are Superstar Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi. Though the choreographer-turned-actor has not worked with both the legends in too many films, he shares a great rapport with both the stars, who are fans of his films so far. Prior

Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez stars in new Netflix movie Someone Great

Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez stars in new Netflix rom-com, Someone Great. Picture: Netflix American actress Gina Rodriguez is best known for her role in the TV series Jane the Virgin. Now, the star is acting in a new rom-com on Netflix. As the Easter break is upon us, we're looking forward to

Kanchana 3 movie review: Raghava Lawrence's horror film has the same cliches that worked for its predecessors- Entertainment News, Firstpost

Raghava Lawrence was Rajinikanth's favourite choreographer in the late '90s before he turned actor and director of mass commercials. Lawrence is the "moving spirit" behind south India's biggest horror franchise, Kanchana. It is structured around his 2007 film Muni. Four year after Kanchana 2, which grossed over Rs 100 crore from domestic and international theatricals,

Tabu to play a social activist in Rana Daggubati's film that stars Sai Pallavi as a naxal

Tabu returns to Telugu cinema after a long time with Allu Arjun's film and she has already signed two more Telugu projects. regional movies Updated: Apr 19, 2019 14:10 IST Actor Tabu, who last made an appearance in a Telugu film opposite Nandamuri Balakrishna over a decade ago in Pandurangadu, has signed two Telugu projects in
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Kanchana 3 movie review: Ragava Lawrence's horror comedy is a hilarious attempt at trying to scare the viewers | Entertainment News

Now Kanchana 3 is one horror comedy franchise down South that has managed to win the audience's hearts and how! The pattern of the film is usually that Ragava Lawrence, who is scared of even the word 'ghost', somehow gets possessed by spirits. Then there is a back story of how
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'Kanchana 3' review: A loud, preposterous, offensive horror-comedy

There's very little scope for freshness in the horror genre. And Lawrence knows that. 'Kanchana 3' doesn't follow the usual template of horror films. Instead, it defines its own logic and borrows elements - the ones that keeps the franchise going - from previous Kanchana films. The script of 'Kanchana 3' should be taught in
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Yankees stop using Kate Smith recording while investigating racism

NEW YORK (AP) - The Yankees have suspended the use of Kate Smith's recording of "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch while they investigate an allegation of racism against the singer. The New York Daily News reported Thursday there are conflicting claims about Smith's 1939 song "That's Why Darkies Were Born." The song originated in
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Kanchana 3 actor Raghava Lawrence's charitable trust receives Rs 10 lakh donation from Chiranjeevi- Entertainment News, Firstpost

Actor-director-choreographer Raghava Lawrence who is gearing up for the release of , has received a generous donation from actor Chiranjeevi for his charitable trust. During the pre-release event of Kanchana 3, it was announced that Chiranjeevi has donated Rs 10 lakh to a charitable trust run by Lawrence. The cheque was presented by Telugu film producer

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